Which ridesharing company is best? Lyft or Uber


Ridesharing has exploded in popularity over the past decade. Companies like Uber and Lyft have nearly cornered the driving-people-around market, doing major damage to the taxi industry. Technology like GPS, smart phones, and social media has helped ride sharing companies succeed.

A Rundown of How Instant Ridesharing Works

It’s a lot like calling a taxi, only there’s no need to actually call a taxi company or try to hail a cab in the street. Instead, you use an application on a smart phone to order a ride. You’ll put in your location and your desired drop-off location and the company will connect you with a driver in your area. You pay through the app, and you’ll also get confirmation of your driver’s identity to help make using these services safer. They’ll head your way and take you where you need to go.

The two main ridesharing companies are Uber and Lyft. You’ll have to download the Lyft or Uber app to use the services. They can be found in pretty much any app store and are free to download. Once you’ve downloaded the Lyft or Uber app, you’ll be asked to create an account.

Lyft VS Uber: Which is Better?

That depends on what you need out of your ride. Here are a couple factors that may help you decide between the winner of the Lyft VS Uber battle:

  • The Uber app can be used in more places than Lyft since it’s a bigger company.
  • Price wise, they’re generally pretty close, so it’s a toss-up under most circumstances.
  • Lyft is a more personable service, where you’re encouraged to sit up front with the driver and make conversation.
  • Uber offers more types of vehicles and aims to make you feel chauffeured.
  • Lyft may be cheaper during peak times, making it more favorable when rides are in high demand.

Give Ridesharing a Shot

Regardless of which company you decide to use, make sure you save a little money by using either the Lyft promo code or the Uber promo code. You can get an Uber promo code to save you $15 on your first ride, while the Lyft promo code gives you $20 off.

Check out Uber and Lyft’s websites to get more information on these ridesharing services.

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