Senior discounts start sooner then you think


You might not see them advertised everywhere, but many of the places where you spend money regularly probably offer senior discounts. Companies often offer discounts to certain demographics like seniors and military members to help their reputation and bring more business in their doors, and it only makes sense for you to take advantage of any discounts qualify for.

Tips for Getting the Senior Discount

The best way to always get the senior discount you’re entitled to is ask for it. If you’re not sure if a discount is offered, it’s still worth asking. The worst that can happen is there isn’t a discount to be had.

Discounts start as early as age 50, so that’s a perfect time to start asking about discounts at your favorite businesses.

It pays to get familiar with the senior discounts offered at places that you frequent and other local businesses. This way you can plan activities, shopping, and meals so that your money goes a little further.

Where to Find Discounts

Check in with the following types of businesses for senior discounts, but keep in mind that the age each business considers a ‘senior’ may vary, and the discounts offered at various locations of the same type of business could be completely different.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery store chains like Fred Meyer offer a senior discount, like a certain percentage off your purchase, on a specific day of the week or month. Check in with your local grocers and see what they’ve got to offer!


Tons of chain restaurants like Outback Steakhouse offer seniors special prices or perks. Many restaurants have a special, less expensive menu for seniors.

Retail Stores

From clothing and shoe stores to pharmacies, you can find discounts at many of the retail stores you shop frequently. Check out Kohl’s for a 15% discount every Wednesday!


Flights, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and other travel-related services are frequently offered to seniors at lower rates. For example, you can get 15% off Amtrak fares as a senior.

Though these discounts are usually relatively minimal, when you combine them, they could make a big difference in your budget. Be sure to check out the senior discounts available through your favorite businesses!

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