Best Prescription Drug Cards for Seniors


Prescription drug cards can make medications more affordable. Read our review of the best prescription drug cards.
Without insurance or good medication coverage, prescription drugs can be expensive. Prescription drug cards give you discounts on the drugs you need, cutting costs.

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What is the Cost for the Prescription Drug Card?

It depends. Most cards are free. Some charge enrollment or monthly fees or ‘transaction fees’ on each purchase. A few make money selling your information.

How Do Prescription Drug Cards Work?

Benefit managers negotiate discounts with pharmacy chains. These pharmacies pass on the savings to card-holding customers. Present or key in your drug card number at the pharmacy or online. You will get a quote on the savings. You can take the discount, pay the co-pay or pay cash.

Can I Use a Prescription Drug Card for Generics?

You can! Generic drugs are less expensive than many brand-name drugs. With a prescription drug card, you can save more. By law, generic drugs have to look different from the brand-name version. This can cause confusion or medication errors. If you prefer the brand name, you can save money with a prescription drug card.

What Are the Savings from Prescription Drug Cards?

With prescription drug cards, savings are 15-20% off and as high as 85-90% off. Some generic drugs are free. The discount amount varies by card and pharmacy and is subject to change. Some prescription drug card plan apps have a search function. You can compare prices by pharmacy and brand versus generic.

What Pharmacies Take the Cards?

Unless store specific, most pharmacies take most cards. Some cards have a limited number of pharmacies in their network.

I Have Prescription Drug Coverage – Why Do I Need a Discount Card?

With private health insurance, you pay a prescription co-pay plus your premium. With prescription drug cards, your discount is often large enough that the medication is less than the co-pay.

What About With Medicare?

Only Medicare Parts C (Medicare Advantage) and D cover prescription drugs. With a card, medications are affordable and you can get discounts on non-covered drugs. Medicare Part D also has a coverage gap after spending $4020 on covered drugs. Once reached, you pay part of the medication cost; you can use your discount card for this.

Advantages to Having a Prescription Drug Card

  • Those without insurance or with basic Medicare – You can receive large discounts on medications.
  • Those with insurance or Medicare Parts C or D – You can avoid high deductibles and get discounts on non-covered medications.
  • Those with good prescription drug coverage – You can receive lower prices than your co-pay, discounted over-the-counter drugs and have your pet’s medications covered (if the medication converts to a ‘human’ drug or dosage).
  • Some cards offer discounts with optometrists, vision care providers, doctors and dentists.

Can I Use a Prescription Drug Card w/my Insurance or Medicare Co-Pay?

No double dipping – you can use a prescription drug card OR pay your co-pay, not both. It is best to compare costs.

Top Ten Best Prescription Drug Cards

Best Overall Card – ScriptSave™ WellRX

Overview –ScriptSave’s WellRX is one of the most widely used cards. It has 65,000 network pharmacies including Walgreens, Kroeger, CVS, Rite-Aid and Walmart. You can use the card with or without insurance and with both brand name and generic drugs. Well RX offers up to 90% off on popular medications. Getting the card requires no lengthy sign-up or credit card and no membership fees. The ScriptSave app provides price comparison tools, wellness supports and reminders to take pills or order refills.

+ Easy to use- bring in card for immediate discount
+ Easy-sign-up process, no fees
+ Works with some pet medications
+ App with lots of features, price comparison tool
+ Huge network of participating pharmacies
+ Card is transferable among family members

X Only accepted in the US
X Must price compare to get the best discounts

Best Discounts & Overall Card – Good RX

Overview – Good RX is one of the most popular prescription drug cards. Get discounts with a card or using downloading digital coupons through their app. No sign-up process or fee required. In comparisons, Good RX offered the lowest prices the majority of the time. Their price search feature makes it easy to compare costs without giving out personal information. For an additional $5.99 per month, you can purchase a ‘Good RX Gold Card’. That allows you to get up to 90% off prescription drugs (with some generics offered free).

+ Both physical card and coupons offered
+ Generally lowest prices on medications
+ Works with some pet medications
+ Handy app with price comparison tool

X Only accepted in the US
X Additional membership fee required to receive the deepest discounts

Best Add-Ons – SingleCare (aka CVS Pharmacy Card)

Overview – SingleCare is the CVS branded prescription drug card. There is no fee or enrollment required. The card offers up to 93% off on generic drugs as well as add-on discounts. SingleCare also offers discounts on preventative dental and vision care with enrollment. SingleCare works with Health Savings Accounts and on pet medications.

+ Discounts available for medical services
+ Handy price comparison tool
+ Savings as much as 93% on generics
+ Offers $25 incentive on account for referrals

X Only 35,000 pharmacies in network, most CVS/Walmart locations
X To get higher discounts, must print out coupons

Best Network & Coverage – Optum Perks/SearchRX dba Script Relief

Overview – Optum Perks offers “the lowest rates on life-saving medications.” You can view different prescription drug cards on the Optum Perks site to find the best deal. No information required to join. They offer a large network of over 64,000 pharmacies and over 50,000 drugs covered.

+ Large network
+ App available with price comparison tool
+ Covers over 50,000 drugs
+ No personal information needed
+ No fees

X Discounts not always as good as with other cards
X Does not have the perks of other cards
X Only accepted in the U.S.

Best Purchase Options – Blink Health

Overview – Blink negotiates with pharmacies to guarantee the lowest prices on generic drugs. If you find a lower price, they will match or refund the difference. You can compare costs, order and pay them online, avoiding the pharmacy. Home deliveries are free. Pick-up is also available at over 35,000 pharmacies. Blink works with HSA’s but purchases may not apply towards deductibles. Although most local pharmacies accept Blink, CVS and Walmart do not.

+ Can have medications delivered free
+ Will price match
+ Guarantees lowest prices
+ Can use with HSA’s
+ App Available

X Smaller network
X CVS/Walmart currently not accepting
X Purchases don’t apply towards deductibles

Easiest to Use – FamilyWize

Overview – FamilyWize is a drug savings website offering up to 45% off prescriptions. With the easy search function, you can price compare at different pharmacies. There is no enrollment process and it is free to sign-up. Family Wize covers a wide variety of drugs. It is a great option if you do not have drug coverage.

+ Easy to join and use
+ Offers app
+ Solid price comparison tool

X Smaller network of pharmacies
X Does not offer features of other cards

Best Privacy Policy – US Pharmacy’s My RX Card

Overview –‘My RX Card’ offers up to 80% off common medications at over 59,000 pharmacies. It is card-based; no coupons required. My RX is perfect if you have privacy concerns since they only use card usage information.

+ No printing of coupons
+ Privacy policy
+ Covers pet medications
+ Large network

X Does not offer an app
X Discounts can be greater with other cards

Largest Network – Discount Drug Network

Overview – The Discount Drug Network offers up to 85% off on all FDA approved drugs. It has over 66,000 network pharmacies, including Target and Costco stores. Discount Drug Network offers physical cards, printed coupons or a mobile app. Their website includes generics in price searches and a separate ‘Pet RX’ card is available.

+ The largest network of pharmacies
+ App available
+ Includes generic drugs in price search
+ Has separate pet prescription card
+ Accepted at Target and Costco

X Privacy policy -they do use your information for marketing

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

Overview –Walgreens’ Prescription Savings card costs $20 per year and offers savings on 8000 medications. There are discounts on shots; Walgreens brand products, pet medications, and medical supplies.

+ Covers pet medications
+ Discounts on shots
+ Discounts on preventative and lifestyle medications not normally covered

X Membership fee required
X Limited use at Walgreens
X Cannot price compare

Easiest To Enroll – Express Scripts Inside Rx

Overview – Enrollment is free with Express Scripts’ Inside Rx. You can print your card or download the app in minutes. You can save an average of 70% on brand name and generic medications. 50,000 pharmacies accept Inside Rx including Bartell Drugs, Harris Teeter and Ralph’s Markets. Inside Rx also offers discounts on many pet medications.

+ Accepted at over 50,000 pharmacies including regional chains
+ Covers pet medications
+ Easy and free to join

X Savings greater w/other cards
X Does not work with Tricare, Medicaid and Medicare

Prescription Drug Card Tips

  • Read Fine Print – Not all programs work the same. Some cards require a printed coupon for each prescription. Some cards require that medications be mailed.
  • Medicare – With Medicare, you cannot use a discount card on certain medications. Often purchases do not count towards deductibles.
  • Have multiple cards and use the price comparison features. Prices vary per card and per pharmacy. For example:

Lipitor (High cholesterol drug) – 40 mg/30ct.

Cash Price $ 207.63
Good RX $ 7.68
SingleCare $ 8.25

You will save a significant amount with a card.

Albuterol (Inhaler to treat bronchitis)

Cash Price $ 65.87
Well RX $ 27.09
Good RX at Target $ 30.08
Good RX at Walgreens or Kroeger $ 20.69

Even with the same card, your savings will depend on the pharmacy.

Amoxicillin (Commonly prescribed antibiotic) – 500mg/30ct.

Cash price at locally owned pharmacy $ 23.99
Typical insurance co-pay $ 5.00-$20.00
Cash price at Walmart $ 4.00
Good RX $ 7.57
SingleCare $ 6.99

SingleCare is less expensive than Good RX, but the biggest discount is with Walmart.

To start saving with Prescription Drug Cards, check out the links below.