Baby Boomers: The next great generation


Who are baby boomers, you may be wondering. The term baby boomer refers to the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964. The generation’s nickname refers to the high numbers of babies born after World War II ended, creating a ‘baby boom’. Here are some pertinent facts about them.

1. Boomers are a large generation.

Up until just recently, the baby boomer generation made up the largest segment of the American populace with 72 million, but millennials recently passed them up with 73 million, taking the title of largest generation. Baby boomers are unlike other generations before or after their own because they’ve experienced life after World War II and have seen major shifts in the U.S. and the world on a social, political, economic, and cultural scale. When you think about it, these older adults have undoubtedly seen a lot, whether they’ve wanted to or not.

2. Baby boomer trends are legendary.

Boomers are known as trend setters. Baby boomer trends include fighting social injustices in their younger years, emphasizing health and fitness. They are also retiring later in life, then previous generations, with an average of 67. With an increased life expectancy, shift in Social Security incentives and the removal of mandatory retirement in most industries, the choice to delay retirement among older people has become practical decision.

3. They’re the longest living generation.

Between popularizing healthy eating and exercise and improvements in healthcare, this generation is living longer than any before it. Nowadays, there is a lot more information out about the correlation between nutritious eating and health. Hence, older Americans are more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. In addition, seniors have greater access to modern and alternative medicine for treating health issues. Compared to the lifespan of their previous generation, baby boomers are living more fulfilling and healthier lives. This means they’re impacting the economy and staying in the workforce for longer.

4. They’re a wealthy generation.

As a result of the population increase in the mid-twentieth century, an influx of people created a greater consumer demand and an economic boom that heightened the standard of living all throughout the U.S. and the developed world. In fact, the baby boomer generation is said to control up to 80% of the wealth in the U.S., despite making up just 20% of the population now. Aside from being a wealthy generation, baby boomers are prime target audience for companies and advertisers. Because they control a large percentage of economic gain in the country, it’s evident that they help the economy flow.

5. They’re tech savvy.

Boomers are good with technology. As a whole, they’re known for being not only computer literate, but also purveyors of tech. In the same way that technology connects young people to each other, older Americans are not an exception to the interconnection between reality and modern life. Today, many seniors own a smartphone and either a Laptop or Desktop PC. Just as boomers are a target audience for many businesses, they are also an aimed group for growing startup companies in the senior tech market.

Who are baby boomers? Boomers are a complicated generation, full of nuance and idealism. To learn more about baby boomers, check out the below article.

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