Five helpful apps for seniors


Once upon a time, people thought of seniors as tech-illiterate, but today’s research proves that’s not the case. One study shows that most baby boomers have smartphones, and you can bet that they know how to use them. Another study shows that more seniors feel their cell phones offer them freedom than younger generations. Here are some of the top apps for seniors, which may be contributing to senior’s more positive experiences with today’s technology. These 5 apps for seniors are worth checking out!


The GoodRX app can help you quickly and easily save money on your prescriptions. The ability to do this on the go is a game-changer since you can search which pharmacy has the best price for your prescriptions and then have your doctor send it off accordingly. You can also search and use coupons right from your phone, no printing required. This helpful app is free, too!

Senior Savings

This app can help you find great senior discounts at your favorite places. You can search discounts and instantly see the age you need to be to qualify and any restrictions. While it costs $0.99, you’ll save that much in short order if you actually use the app.


This helpful app can light up and magnify any print so that you can read it easier. You don’t have to carry around a special tool to help you read things like restaurant menus and paperwork. It costs $1.99, which is less than many ‘real’ magnifiers.


One of the top apps for seniors, the AARP Now app provides content directed at older people and information on events nearby. It also gives you access to all the discounts being an AARP member affords you. This app is completely free.


This retirement app can help you plan for the future with just the poke of a screen. You enter pertinent data and the app presents you a chart to show you how well your retirement plan will work. It also lets you see how changing those values will work. It’s the highest rated retirement app on iTunes.

Find these 5 apps for seniors on the iTunes app store, and many of them are available on Android, as well. And if you are looking for ways to get more out of your smart phone, check out this list of smart phone tips and hacks.

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