Take a tour inside a Parisian hotel suite that costs $52,000 per night


Inside a $52,000 a night hotel suite in Paris

There are 78 rooms at Paris’ Hôtel de Crillon, but only two “Les Grand Appartements.”

The apartments can be combined, along with an adjoining room, to make a three-bedroom mega-suite that covers 335 square meters (3,606 square feet) of the hotel’s fourth floor.

Famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld designed the interiors down to the smallest of details, the hotel’s Managing Director Vincent Billiard told CNBC.

“He was personally involved, personally present, in actually choosing every little single detail of this property, from the carpets, the walls, the paintings, the colors, the furniture … to make this into one of the best and most beautiful suites in the world,” he said.

Luxurious furnishings run throughout both apartments, from an original sink that was once in the Palace of Versailles to a 4000-pound Carrara marble bathtub. There’s even a “secret room,” said Billiard, hidden behind a bookcase that, with a push of a button, opens to reveal a magnificent dressing room.

“It was designed with a lot of taste,” said Billiard. “It’s very chic. It’s very Parisian.”

Watch the full video to see the suite’s “secret room.”

This article was originally published on CNBC