Does health insurance cover alternative medicine?

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Alternative medicine is growing rapidly in popularity, but many of these treatments are still deemed “experimental” and insurance coverage varies widely among states and carriers.

Many boomers are turning towards alternative medicine in light of rising medical bills and concerns over side-effects of pharmaceuticals. The health-mindedness of many boomers makes alternative medicine like ginseng and gingko biloba, alongside treatments like massage therapy, attractive choices when dealing with the everyday issues that can arise with again.

Holly Bennett of the Apollo Cannabis Research Clinic said “some baby boomers are becoming increasingly concerned about the long-term effects of using pharmaceuticals like opioids and the possibility of overdose or death.” A research study from the Ohio State University found that nearly 70% of older adults used a form of alternative medicine. 65% of those in the study deemed in ‘poor health’ said they used alternative medicine to prevent or cure health issues.

As a result, some alternative care has gained mainstream traction as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. However, many people struggle to secure medical coverage for any sort of non-traditional treatments. Many insurance companies say alternative care does not meet their standards.

The Struggle With Health Insurance Providers

Some insurance providers are wary of covering alternative care. The best coverage usually pertains to chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. Treatment that is experimental in nature or deemed ‘unnecessary’ are not covered by Medicare. Many boomers choose to use a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA) to pay for alternative medications or other non-traditional care.

Websites like QuoteWizard give people of all ages the ability to compare health insurance plans and offer an easy way to review a variety of different healthcare options (including alternative medicine). Overall, people who can find a licensed alternative medicine provider usually have a much better chance of getting insurance coverage. Licensed professionals will also typically have higher levels of expertise in their field and more experience in general.

Do Your Research

Alternative medicine has become popular for those interested in different treatment options. It is important to research any potential care thoroughly since there might be little (or no) regulation and oversight. A growing number of resources are emerging that give people the opportunity to see if certain alternative medicine and care could be covered by health insurance.

The Future For Healthcare

Alternative medicine only continues to grow in popularity as it receives media attention and interest from people looking for something different. Even if your insurance does not cover alternative care, they might offer a variety of discounts that you could take advantage of, like for gym memberships and for purchasing certain supplements. This could be a good way for you to save some money and try something different.

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